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Coach Sajan
3 years ago …… Head Coach, Curtis Payment, hires Tony Sajan to be the JVB Head Coach for Clarkston Soccer….fast forward to today… was a decision that Coach Payment never regretted. Coach Tony Sajan has been one of the most dedicated coaches that the program could ask for.  Coach Sajan coached his players with a desire to win but also upheld the importance of what it meant to play as a team. Although he always let the boys know that winning was not everything, he always got amazing results from his teams.  Tony genuinely cared for each one of his players. He always showed respect for each player and any team that he played against.

Unfortunately for Clarkston High School Soccer, Coach Tony Sajan has decided to retire from coaching to spend more time with his wife, Liz, sons, Tyler and Conner, and daughter, Lauryn.

 What is our loss, is their gain!!! We would like to wish Coach Tony the best of luck and say “Thank You” for all that you have done for Clarkston High School Soccer and our boys!!!! You will be missed on the field!!

This is what Coach Sajan has to say about his coaching experience at CHS:

I coached the JVB soccer team for three awesome seasons.  We started off a bit slow during our first season.  Once we nailed down the lineup and was able to develop the players in year one, we began to make good progress.   We carried 22 freshmen on the team – we went 2 wins, 2 ties, and 7 losses –  In our second year, we went undefeated.  We had a great year, our most exciting game was against Troy High.  They were also undefeated like us and we had to come back from behind to tie them in the second half – Our record was 12 wins no losses and 2 ties.  The third season we went 8 wins 2 losses and 4 ties.  Our two losses were both against Troy High.  In our last 34 games we had 4 losses in all.  I was very fortunate to coach such a wonderful squad all three years. It has been great to seem each squad progress through the years as they went from JVB to JVA and even to Varsity.  I wish them all the best going forward and I will always look back at the three years as an awesome experience.

We will miss you Coach Sajan!!!!!!

Coach Dula
Coach Dula
With Coach Sajan leaving, we would also like to announce his replacement. Coach Herb Dula will take over the JVB coaching responsibilities when summer training starts. Coach Dula has a wife, Kris and 3 boys, Bailey, Jakob, and Evan, and all in soccer!!! He has an very extensive soccer background and we are confident that he will do a fantastic job in taking over for Coach Sajan.  Please welcome JVB Coach, Herb Dula to the Clarkston High School Soccer Program!!!!

Xceleration training for the 2016 CHS Season

Results prove themselves!!!! We are so excited to see the results that our athletes have been achieving with Xceleration training and are please to announce that we are starting off our summer training offering another program with Xceleration!!!!

We will be running Xceleration’s Speed and Agility Training 3 days a week, beginning June 13th!! It will typically be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. at Clarkston High School. The program will run from June 13 through the end of July. The coast is $125 per participant.

Here is how this works: 

1) Click on this link: Summer Speed and Agility Program!

2) Click any of the buttons that say “Yes I Want In” 

3) You will be taken to a pop up where you will put in your email address.

4) Then you will be taken to an order form where you will pay with a credit card. 

5) Done! 

We hope that you will join us and work toward achieving the same results that those who are already training with Xceleration are achieving!!!!

If you have any questions regarding Xceleration please send an email to

Using Ben Boudro’s words……..Chase It! 

Congratulations To Marine Zack McCallum!!!

The Clarkston High School Boy’s Soccer Team had the privilege of having Zack McCallum as the assistant coach on the Varsity team for the last two years. Zack left us at the end of the season last year, as he decided that he wanted to do his part in serving our country. We are very proud to let you know that on April 15th Zack completed his Marines Boot Camp at Parris Island in South Carolina!!! Zack has since started Marine Combat Training (MCT) on April 26th. Once MCT is complete he will go to Twenty Nine Palms, California for 4 months. In Twenty Nine Palms, he will complete his training in communications and then he will get his permanent duty station. We are very proud that such a gentleman has been a part of our program and want to say Thank you to Zack for making the choice to serve our country and keep his family in our thoughts.

Pictured below is Zack before he left for basic training and then Zack with his family, Dad – Jeff, Mom – Mary, Zack, Sister – Kelli.



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